Finally !

We grinded it slowly grain by grain,.. we rolled it and prepared and then burned it just right so you can hold in your hands our very first musical tortilla . . . guaranteed GMO-free !

We put in all our hearts, our sweat and our souls, well surrounded by Jean Massicotte, jedi of the mixing board and Denis "Obi-wan" Wolff from Audiogram Records; half-shaman and half-midwife...

Some guests to spice it all up: Carole and Doriane from Doba-caracol, Nathalie Dussault , the little cora-playing elf, Bernard Falaise for his inspired soaring guitars.

Some laughs, some doubts, some intense moments, fears and uncertainties left on the side and growing confidence abounding, all were an important part in bringing you this succulent dish seasoned by the various sounds and smells from caribbean, latin, african and gypsy influences which create the arlequin's clothes of La Chango Family!

This album is dedicated to our little star: Tao.

Listen to the complete CD in

The songs are in Real Audio format. You can download the free Real Player .

1. Paramatman
2. Science sans conscience
3. Mekench mouchkel
4. Pierrot
5. Joyeus'ment désespéré
6. Rien n'va plus
7. Mystic man
8. Longue est la roots
9. High aïe aïe !!!
10. C'est pas la fin du monde!

11. Como el viento

The latest release from the cd is:
MYSTIC MAN (radio edit)

(worldwide delivery)
TO BUY THE CD BY MAIL: money order / check US: 20$ US including S&H.
EUROPE: 18 EURO including S&H.

Muchissimas gracias to: Papa Chango y Mama Africa, las familias y los hermanos: from France, Polo clébard, Frabouldingue, sir Martel etc; de aqui y alla, Jérome, Miguel Café, Natty, Pape et Eminja, Namori, Eric et Marie-Ève from Le Va-et-vient - speaking of which, go there ! - Geneviève and Yannick, the after-hours at l'Esco, Sow Djibi for the dioula, Tom Terrell; to the passing changuitos: Tika, Nico, Guido, Némo, to our noble godmother, to Jeudis du son, to Burtman, Djamel, Archimbold'air pur; to the bands crossed on the road: Manu Chao et Noir Désir for their impeccable guerilla, Lo'Jo for los memorias, Deux rien Merci !, Dobacaracol, Tomàs Jensen et les fous monnayeurs, Loco Locass, Freeworm, Fermin Muguruza, Polémil Bazar, Tryò, Kaliroots, La rue Kétanou, Les Hurlements d'Léo, Salaam, Saoco, Colectivo, Les Cowboys Fringants, Fakhass Sico et Atlas Soul; to Bandeàpart, to indie radio and todos los locos for all those concerts nights that always lived up to our only credo:

Friends listeners, it is true that music, like ideas, belong to us all: but pirating indiscriminately all the songs that a collective or artist spends much time crafting and maturing, under the pretense that a store bought cd costs too much IS NOT A VALID ARGUMENT.

By doing that, you're only taking away from musicians who are trying to make ends meet and whose only chance at creating an uprising is through the fruits of their hard labour: Think twice whom you're screwing by doing so and how that will help getting more caravans out there on the road spreading humour and music around.
And if it pisses you off having to buy the albums from your favorite bands at the big multinational soul-suckers, BUY THEM AT A SHOW !!

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