Lundo : lead vocals, guitar
Maruchka : vocals, djembe, darbouka, guiro, shekere
Mélissa : vocals
Gabou : bass, acoutiic bass
Sylvio : drums
Funky Francky : vocals, clarinet, accordion, piano, wurlitzer, clavinet, Hammond B3, Juno synth, Rhodes
Anit : violin, electric guitar
Didace : lead guitar & skank
Matéo : trombone
Mario : alto and tenor sax, flute
Marco : congas, vibraslap, bells and whistles


François Chauvette : shakers, surdo, bells on otro mundo , egg and ka shi shi on amoul solo
Hassan El Hadi : oud and carcabas on que Dieu te bless’ 
Karim from Syncop : vocals on que Dieu te bless’ & babylon bypass
Nathalie Cora : cora on  amoul solo 
Simon Gauthier: musical saw on mysanthrope
Elage Diouf : vocals, dun dun and congas on  amoul solo 
Q-Banito: rap on las chicas cosas 
Rico Lauzion:mix & dubs on positive people and mix on sunugal, bamba po’los ricos & yendi alive !
Dom: trumpet on otro mundo , chill ‘n’ chile & y’a kekchose
Caracol: vocals on world peace riot and sun is comin’ our way
Pru: wolf howls on en rangs d’oignons
Papa Samb : electro afro vibes on liberation work
Dr Freeze : beats on que Dieu te bless
Buntin : ragga impro on positive people

Réalisation and mixed: François Chauvette
Mixing and additional recording : Hugues Bourque
Mastering: Karl Talbot at Sono Design
Basics & overdubs at studio Elektrik Bones
except “smoul solo” with Alain Girard at studio Sygma
Live taping, transfers & overdubs: Alain Girard assisted by Manu

Taped live at le Va & Vient, Le Lion d’or and Club Soda

Graphics and album cover : Yves Archambault

The texts are as always a present from various elves, djinns and the orishas. Transcribed freely by Xavier Vacher a.k.a «Lundo Chango » and the music is a family affair, Except for «la bohême solaire» (Lundo/F. Pétrel) and «dice la tarde» F.Garcia Lorca/La Chango Family

This album is dedicated to the two little elves in our lives, Tao et Zïa … And to the two inspiring countries that are Mexico and Senegal … Dieuredieuf !!!

Muchissimas gracias : to our families, our muses, to the invited guests, to Vlada, our web griot, to the Pru-ducer, Paule our magical godmother, Celena, Nelson Châteauneuf, Éric Williams, Denis Wolff, Tshi & Iza for the video guérilla, JH Meunier, Les Kaltex, Les Bounels, Yves Archambault, Charles Pirnay and his better half, Franz Schuller & Louis Carrière, Christian Blais for the photos, Lisette & Walter for their help with the spanish texts, Shawn et Mike from MMS, Christian Breton from Outside, François «White Shark» Chauvette, the sorcerer behind the console, Hugues Bourque, Alain Girard & Sébastien Rivard for the «live» sound, as well as Élie, at the controls for the acoustic taping and to all the gang at Le Va & Vient, Le Crapet Soleil, Le Zaricot, Le Lion d'Or, Le Café Campus, Les Anges Vagabonds, Les Irréduktibles, Le Délirium in Avignon, Radio Canada for their unwavering support, Radio Chango la onda zapatista desde Barcelona … And finally for all the Changolos who come to our our fiestas !!!
Yes I !!!