Thankfully, we're not alone.

There are many folks out there that we love who every day fight the good fight in their own way.
Simply by the music they play, the words they write, the actions they make, the positions they take, they regularly show us that another world (or way) is possible.

Navigate to the shores of their universe.
Dobacaracol Radio Chango Centre Recher.Globalisation
Kaliroots Zion Zone Recordz L'Aut' Journal
Syncop Outside Music Le Mouton Noir
Tomas Jensen Mosaic Music CMAQ
La Galère Indy Media
Papa Groove Tshizerbia Guerrilla News
Polémil Bazar Isabelle Ducharme ZMag
Oztara MYSPACE Chango Antiwar
Colectivo AdBusters
Loco Locass Simon le conteur AntiPub
Fred Fortin 2 Rien Merci CorpWatch
Nathalie Cora No Logo
Gadji-Gadjo Radio Sound System ACRIMED
Grimskunk Reporters sans Frontières
Mort de Rire Propagande Culturelle Courrier International
La Balconade Anges Vagabonds No Pasaran
MoucheTaBouche Disques Indica Monde Diplomatique
Malade Mantra CADTM
Les Frères Diouf Le Crapet Soleil Venezuelanalysis
Elektrik Bones Le Va-et-Vient La Tribu du Verbe
Hurlevent Le Divan Orange Democracy Now News
Stereotaxie Le Lion d'Or Free Speech Radio
Namori Cissé Sommet du Fjord Activist Magazine
Afrodizz Auberge St-Fortunat Dominion Paper
Bombolessé L'Escogriffe Prison Radio
Manouche Le Zaricot MapInc
Balthazar L'Utopik

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