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The complete historia of this raucous band of "Desperately Joyous" Bonobos who have firmly decided to put festive colours in our urban grayness to the sounds of a cultura mondiale which blends various rhythms, music and languages ...
Wherever it is invited, the caravan rolls on with only one thought in its heart and soul:

"Hasta la fiesta siempre cabron
y porque somos locos y libres,
venceremos !"

Bio: version française español

... on certain tours:

congas, percussions

(click on each picture for a pop-up)

... the smala at large who often take part in shows:
Carole - vox
Karim - vox
Edith- acrobat Simon- saw

To see what we've been up to, you can view the latest pictures, vidéos and mp3's now on the Méchoui Média page, while the latest news can be found on the blogs on the home page .

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